The Tampin Tengah sewerage catchment area comprises of Tampin town and surrounding residential areas from Taman Gunung Mas up to Jalan Besar Tampin border to Pulau Sebang which is part of the Majlis Daerah Tampin (MDT) jurisdiction. The catchment is collected from all over designed areas to network pump station, NPS1 and pumped to Sewage Treatment Plant at Taman Clonlee.

The Tampin Tengah sewerage catchment was created to serve areas within Taman Gunung Mas, Rumah Rakyat Repah, Taman Tampin Jaya, Tampin General Hospital, Schools and Government Premises along the network. It also has a pump station at Taman Tampin Jaya which pumps sewer to main trunk with a capacity of 1600PE. The STP Taman Clonlee is targeted to process an ultimate of 60000 PE which will be constructed in 2 phases. Current construction is Phase 1 and will be in operation by end of February 2017.

This Tampin Tengah (K31) project is implemented by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pembetungan , Kementerian Tenaga, Teknologi Hijau dan Air, Malaysia (KETTHA) . The rationalization works will have 10 current plants comprise of pump stations, CSTP and Oxidation Pond (OP). These construction of new trunk sewers approximately 9 KM of new sewer pipeline (pipe jacking method and open cut method), decommissioning of the rationalized sewage treatment plants and the abandoned sewers and Construction of new pump houses was designed to improve the effluent quality which discharged into Sungai Batang Melaka, which is a water intake source.

The aims of this project are:

•    To establish a new and effective sewage rationalization works at Tampin township which will reduces the    pollution loading into the receiving rivers.

•    To upgrade OP system to mechanized IDEA system will improve water quality and resolve bad odor issue    faced by local residence.

•    Establishing green areas through the rationalization of the old treatment plants.

•    To establish a new sewerage system which is cost effective in terms of operational and maintenance wise.



Value of the Project: RM72, 000,000.00

Duration of Project     : (2014 - 2016)

Total Length Trenchless Work:  6KM

Sizes of Trenchless Work Involved: 225VCJP, 300VCJP, 450RCJP, 600RCJP, 750RCJP, 900RCJP & 1050RCJP

Total Length of Open Cut: 3KM

Sizes of Open Cut Pipe Involved: 225VCP, 300VCP, 150mm DI, 350mm DI

Total Nos of Shaft    : 82nos

Sizes & Depth of Shaft Involved : <4m, 4m<D<6m, 6m<D<8m, 8m<D<10m

Total Nos of Manhole: 123nos

Sizes & Depth Of Manhole Involved : 1200mm dia, 1350mm dia, 1500mm dia, 1800mm dia, LDM

Nos of Stp, Sizes & Pe: Rationalisation of 10 nos OP & CST