Pulau Pinang


Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah previously known as Northam Road is located on the north east side of Penang Island which is under the jurisdiction of Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang (MBPP). Currently, the sewage from the existing premises along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah flow across the road to the existing seweline at Jalan Salween and Jalan Irawadi. Due to the rapid development  alongside Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah where the original colonial bungalows have been replaced with new high rise buildings comprising of hotel, business premises and high end condominiums, the exisiti3ng sewerline pipework is insufficient to cope with the increasing future flow.

In order to address the overloading issues in near future, the flow from premises alongside Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah will be conveyed to the existing Hutton Lane Network Pumping Station (NPS). Hutton Lane NPS (PEG125) with a connected PE of 20,173 was constructed way back in 1950’s which convey connected flows to Jelutong Regional STP via river road PS (PEG123). This NPS has been upgraded to cope with the future upstream flow of the catchment.

As most of the areas within the catchment of Penang Island are sewered to its regional STP, all future developments within the area are to be connected to the nearest line. 

The existing sewer line along Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah to Hutton Lane NPS PEG125. Georgetown Penang, consists of pipes with diameter 150mm and 225mm serving the area. These existing sewer lines were old and unable to cope with the anticipated flow from the rapid development growth alongside Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, hence the needs to upgrade the existing sewer line is a main priority to cater for future development.



  1. Engineering Design
  2. Procurement
  3. Construction
  4. Installation
  5. Functional testing and commissioning of the upgrading works.

Pipe Jacking

  1. Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah (576.6m) – RCJP pipe 450mm
  2. Jalan Larut (208.1m) – RCJP pipe 450mm

Open Cut

  1. Hutton Lane (377.7m) – RC pipe 450mm