Pulau Langkawi


Pulau Langkawi is one of the popular tourist attraction areas in Malaysia. Therefore, clean environment especially beaches, sea, etc, plays important role in enhancing the tourism industry in Pulau Langkawi. In order to make Pulau Langkawi as a top 10 list of island and Eco Tourism destinantion by 2015 as set out in the Langkawi tourism blueprint 2011-2015. The government of Malaysia through its Agency Jabatan Perkhidmatan Pembetungan (JPP) has take an initiatives to expand the infrastructure capacity especially in sewerage coverage and services. Effort in this area will help the Government of Malaysia to boost Pulau Langkawi’s growth on tourism that is sustainable both economically and environmentally. Pursuant to that, a comprehensive sewerage system to tackle the sewerage problem was planned and constructed in Pulau Langkawi.


There are three sewerage catchment areas in Pulau Langkawi that are Kuah, Padang Matsirat, and Pantai Tengah catchment area. At present, The Pantai Tengah sewerage catchment is approximately 12.91km. The topography of the whole catchment is generally flat with some areas being undulating. Pantai Tengah is drained by the two main rivers namely Sungai Tasek Anak which flows directly into the sea and Sungai Kuala Chenang.

In view of this situation, it is imperative that the existing sewage treatment plant and network pump station should be upgraded to accommodate the increasing number of Population Equivalent (PE) due to the current development. The trunk sewer is also needed to be expanded in Jalan Teluk Baru to enable the exisiting and newly develop premises in the area to be connected to the newly upgraded sewage treatment plant.

With the proper sewerage management system in Pulau Langkawi, it is hope that the water quality of the existing water ways, rivers and finally sea will be preserved/improved and would contribute to boost the tourism industry.



Value of the Project: RM 13,547,754.00

Duration of Project: (2016 - 2018)

Total Length of : 12.91km


Pantai Chenang

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