Sheet Piling & Caisson Work

The sheet pile box caisson is formed using conventional equipment and some types of sheet piling. There are several different sequences for excavating and driving sheet piles that yield an acceptable sheet pile box caisson.Monitoring of the construction of piles or caissons as the means to support road bridges is concerned with the achievement of adequate load bearing capacity and safety during construction in difficult founding conditions. Both these forms of foundation construction are subject to various degrees of financial, technical and physical risk because of the uncertainties and arising from deep foundations in ground conditions which can be highly variable and environments which often have high water tables or are subject to flooding. Piled foundations are usually the first alternative considered when it is impractical, uneconomical or unsafe to found conventional footings at shallow or intermediate depths below ground. Caissons provide an alternative means to achieve adequate founding at intermediate to significant depths in both land and water environments. This system has been frequently used  as the most practical means to found major bridges in deep water conditions.