Corporate Introduction

Visi Nusajaya Sdn Bhd (VNSB) was established in October 12, 2011 as a Company with the leading specialized civil and engineering contracting company engaged in construction services, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical works for water and waste water industry. The company is helmed by accomplished management who have vast knowledge and industry experience in construction works ranging from pipe laying, pipe jacking, pipe rehabilitation, pipe cleaning and assessment, Sewerage Treatment Plant works, infrastructure, landscape and river management works.

All VNSB projects are overseen and executed by a team of vastly experienced, dedicated, qualified in terms of both technical and skills, set of management team and assisted by a group of young, eager and energetics engineers. We truly believe and acknowledge the importance of maintaining a healthy and technologically savvy workforce. Our staff are therefore constantly encouraged to keep up with industry developments through continuing professional education courses. 

VNSB offers cost-effective, technically advanced equipment and machines for sewerage construction works and solutions. We also have the capability to design, supply, install, test and hand over completed projects to valued clients within the expected timeframe. We strive to complete our projects in a safe manner within the allocated time frame and budget without compromising on the quality of our work. This is our customer charter and the manner in which we believe all our clientele deserve to be treated.

With our current group resources, VNSB is working towards becoming a leading company in civil engineering and one that is seen as an industry leader in standards and innovation.